Tony I.O.U.- Guitar

A Sabbath fan since school and known by all under my civilian name of Sacko, the name Sack Sabbath was certainly a gift for a Sabbath tribute! Initially fired up by the classic heavy bands of the 70s, like so many of my generation I was really turned onto metal in the days of the NWOBHM and knew I wanted to become a rock musician. I first picked up the guitar in 1981 and did my first live gigs in January 1985, since then I've seldom been off the road, racking up an astronomical total of gigs with bands like Headstrong, Stadia, Hostile, Taras Bulba etc.

Gear-(live) Gibson and Epiphone SGs all strung with Ernie Ball 10 to 46. The Epiphones are souped up with Seymour Duncan distortions.

100 watt JCM 800 Marshall heads, 2 Marshall 1960 4x12 cabs, Digitech effects.

IMusical Influences-Sabbath (of course), Dio, Budgie, UFO, Led Zeppelin, Priest, the NWOBHM, Saxon, Maiden, Diamond Head, Thin Lizzy, Free, AC/DC, Scorpions, Rush, etc etc.

Favourite Sabbath album-This week I have mostly been listening to Sabotage.

Favourite Sabbath song-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.